Tutorials Finding Your MAC Addresses

The MAC address serves as a unique identifier for each of your interfaces (both WiFi and wired) and is necessary for adding a new device to our network.

How to Find Your MAC Address?

A MAC address is typically represented in hexadecimal form like 5A-FF-56-A2-AF-15 or 5A-FF-56-A2-AF-15. There are various methods to find it, depending on the operating system you are using. We have listed the most common ones below.


  • Press the following key combination Windows + R to open the Run window.
  • Type cmd and then press Enter to open the command prompt.
  • Type getmac -v and then press Enter to obtain a list of the device’s MAC addresses.
  • The MAC address is located in the Physical Address column.
  • The first line generally corresponds to your wired network card, and the second to your WiFi network card.


  • Open a terminal.
  • Type ip link show followed by Enter for a summary of the device’s interfaces.
  • Look for fields with eth or enp (for wired) or wlan or wlp (for WiFi).
  • Then look for the MAC address following the desired interface, just after the link/ether field.

You will thus obtain your MAC addresses.


  • In the search bar, type terminal and then press Enter .
  • Then type networksetup -listallhardwareports followed by Enter .

The Ethernet Address field corresponds to your MAC addresses.


  • Go to your smartphone’s settings.
  • Look for the About Phone section.
  • Find the Status field.

Your MAC address is displayed next to Wi-Fi MAC Address.

PS4 and Xbox

  • Go to the console settings.
  • Look for the Network section.
  • Open the View Connection Status menu for PS4 or Advanced Settings for Xbox.

Your MAC address is displayed next to MAC Address (LAN).