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Get Microsoft Office


Go on https://office.minet.net.

  • In 'Nom d'utilisateur', enter the username you use to connect on the school computers around the campus.
  • In 'Mot de passe', enter the password associated with that account

There are a few possibilities from here on out.

Result: Connectez-vous sur portal.office.com avec votre mot de passe ecampus...'

Congrats you're account has been setup

Go to the section 'Connect on the Microsoft office portal'

Result: 'identifiants invalides' and 'Connexion échouée... Veuillez vérifier vos informations de connexion DISI (ecampus)'

The username and password combo you've entered is wrong

'result:You already have a License'

This means you're account already has been activated, please follow these steps:

  1. Do the section Authentication.
  2. If it doesn't work please come and see us during opening hours.

Connect on the Microsoft office portal

At this point you should be on the login page of portal.office.com

  1. In the email section, enter the mail first_name.last_name@temtsp.onmicrosoft.com. E.g.: If your TSP or IMTBS email is: jean.dupont@telecom-sudparis.eu enter jean.dupont@temtsp.onmicrosoft.com
  2. Enter your school acount password
  3. Microsoft asks you to enter a password. WRITE IT DOWN !

Download office

Go on https://portal.office.com/account/#installs and download Microsoft Office.

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