MiNET - Connecting a Mac to the MiNET network
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Connecting a Mac to the MiNET network


To be able to register your devices on the MiNET network, you will need to add your MAC addresses to your account. If you don't know how to find them, feel free to follow the tutorial “Adding new devices on your MiNET account” which will indicate how to proceed.

Connecting to the WiFi network

By following this tutorial, you will see how to configure your Mac in order to enjoy a WiFi Internet connection with MiNET. Note that you can find two separate WiFi networks on our network: “MiNET” and “MiNET_5GHz”, the latter being on the 5GHz band, it offers better bandwidths for your navigation, provided you have a compatible device.

Wired network connection

Since the latest versions of MacOS, it is possible that no window asking you for your identifiers appears. The procedure is then as follows:

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