MiNET - Set up an Android smartphone to use the WiFi
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Set up an Android smartphone to use the WiFi


In order to register devices on the MiNET network, you have to add your MAC addresses on your account. To do so, you can follow the instructions on "Adding new devices on your MiNET account".

Connect your device

By following this tutorial, you will see how to configure your mobile to use the MiNET WiFi connexion. Take note that there is two distinct WiFi networks for MiNET: “MiNET" and "MiNET_HD", the last one being on the 5Ghz band, and offering better bandwith for your browsing, only if you have a compatible device. Go to the phone parameters and do :

  • Go to WiFi menu
  • Select "MiNET" or "MiNET HD" depending on your device
  • Enter your login and password in the fields "Identity" and "Password"
  • Check that the fields "EAP method", "Phase-2 authentication" and "CA certificate" are filled with "PEAP", "MSCHAPV2" and "Do not validate"
  • Click on "Connect"
Once all of these steps are done, you only have to wait a few seconds, and you should be automatically connected on the “MiNET” or “MiNET_HD” WiFi network. Take note that the authentication can take a few seconds. Sometimes, rebooting your pc is necessary.

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