MiNET - Adding new devices on your MiNET account
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Adding new devices on your MiNET account


In order to register devices on the MiNET network, you will need your MAC addresses (or MAC) . If necessary, use the "Finding your MAC addresses" tutorial to find yours (for Windows, MAC, or a linux distribution).

En pratique

Once you found your MAC addresses of your device, there is two steps to add a new device on your MiNET account:

  • Enter the MAC on your MiNET account, through the portal.
  • Set up your device to connect it to the network.
We will describe the first step here.

Adding a MAC to your account:

To be able to manage the settings of your MiNET account, go on the MiNET portal. Remember that this page is accessible even from a device that still haven’t been set up.
Once on the page:

  • Click on the “Mon compte” button
  • Enter your MiNET login and password you obtained when creating your account in the MiNET office.
  • You will arrive on the management page of your account, where you can add or delete MACs from your account.
  • To add a wired MAC, click on the “Nouvel ordinateur” button and enter the wired MAC of the device.
  • To add a WiFi MAC, click on the “Nouvel équipement WiFi” and enter the WiFI MAC of the device.
You can also change password on this page.

Once the MAC addresses are registered, you only have to set up your device. The kind of setup needed depends on the OS you are using.

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